Special brass pump head
The pump head is manufactured by Kranzle in Germany from forged special brass and guarantees on extremely long service life.

Slow runner
The machines-expect for models K 1132, K 1152 TST, K 10/122 - are equipped with slow running, quiet and durable four-pole slow running electric motors (1,400 r.p.m.). Lower speeds reduce starting current, noise emission and water.

Stainless steel piungers (piston) with ceramic coating
All units are equipped with a ceramic coated stainless steel plungers. The favourable features of stainless steel plungers (excellent thermal conductivity), are combined with the positive characteristics of a hard ceramic coating (extremely low-wear surface) This serves to considerably increase the service life of our systems.

Dry-run safety
All pumps are equipped with a fabric sleeve and a Teflon graphite backing ring each plungr.
The excellent lubrucating properties of Telfon graphite serve to reduce both the friction and temperature inside the pump. For this reason, Kranzle pumps can be run without water for a certain period without suffering any damage.

Bypass operation
All machines switch over to a pressure reduced bypass operation as soon as the trigger gun is released. Water is circulated with a pressure of only approx. 10 bar. Automatic machines TS (TOTAL-STOP), also switch off at this point. Pumps and motors go into standby mode, not only prolonging service life but saving energy as well.

Continuously adjustable pressure and quantity control
For all machines except the twin pump machine, the operating pressure and the amount of water being sprayed can be exactly adjusted to suit the cleaning task.

Stainless steel pressure gauge
All high-pressure cleaners are equipped with large , clearly visible, glycerin dampened stainless steel gauges.
Kranzle quality in every detail.

Non-corrosiveness and durability
Machine failure due to corrosion is impossible. All parts of the pump and safety devices that come into contact with water are made of stainless steel or special brass.

Leakage return system
A water cushion between the high-pressure seals on the plungers prevents any sucked in air from reaching the pump chamber. This considerably increases the service life of the plungers and pump.

Elaborated details
All high-pressure cleaners with hose drum are equipped with foldable cranks, saving space during transport or storage. Furthermore the handle is protected from damages.

Product safety
Kranzle appliances are tested according to the CE-scheme and the TUV/GS test procedures and certified accordingly.