Privacy Agreement We are aware of the fact that our customers keep a close look at their transmitted data as well as at our intentions of using such data. We would emphasize that we shall make every endeavor to ensure that only such data as may be furnished by you will be stored, and that such data will not be used until you have been informed of how they will be used so as to enable you to stop the use of same (EC Directive on distance contracts). Why Collect Customer DataImmediate collection of data from the customer enables us to make sure that products are developed that are appropriate to the needs of our customers. We are very much interested to know who our customers are, what type of products the use, and what they expect from the product. Market research projects, customer feedback and registration help us in learning what makes our products attractive and what doesn't. In some cases we are legally bound to record certain data like, when for instance, you start downloading data, modification or repair programs from our web sites or FTP sites. In addition, we need consumer data in order to keep our data bases updated and to correctly identify you when, for example, you would like to register a product online or ask for technical customer service.

It is our objective to only record such data that are needed for the purpose that they are being collected for. As a matter of fact, your credit card data will only be asked when you are about to purchase services or a product from us. As soon as we need any data from you we will not fail to inform you before or upon collection of such data, what purposes these data are intended to be used for. We leave it to your discretion whether or not to furnish the requested data. If such data are for
instance intended for marketing or research purposes only, you will of course be informed accordingly. When you contact us for information or customer service or when you download information from our systems, personal information and information on all effected transactions will be stored.

Please note that, in some cases like registration or purchase of products, we are obliged to record certain data in order to properly register the respective product and to offer you corresponding technical support. Without the respective data you may not be able to register the products or to buy them from us. In some particular cases we are legally bound to redirect certain data (i.e. location of customers wishing to download highly encoded data).

We are using information from our server log files for administration of our products and in order to trace the applications paths (which remain anonymous). In addition, statistics are kept about the use of a web site or a product. The information contained in these files include the IP address of our users, the web sites from which you found our solutions, and information on the type of browser you use).

The safety of our applications depends on your protecting your passwords. We therefore recommend not to share your password with anyone else. Since we attach highest priority to access protection, these access codes are normally computer generated. Please treat your access codes strictly confidential and use them for company purposes only.

Customer Lists and Third Party Co-Marketing Activities
From time to time, we may enter into co-marketing agreements with third parties who offer similar products or services. If you are registered with us as a customer, you may probably receive information on new items or special offers from such third parties. In the event that your name and contact data are being added to a list which is liable to be made available to a third party, we will not fail to inform you accordingly and to enable you to have your name marked as "private" in our data base. If your name is marked "private", it will not be used for marketing or e-mail campaigns nor will it be made available to any third party.

If you wish to be deleted from our customer list, please inform us by e-mail and allow between four and six workdays for deletion. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, as a registered user of one of our products and after deletion of your name from our customer list, you will no longer receive any e-mails or other information on technical support of your product, i.e. no more information on available modification and repair programs.

Updating and Correcting Your Data
If your data change or if you detect errors in your data please contact us immediately by e-mail and allow between four and six workdays for update and correction.

Acceptance of Guidelines
If you are not prepared to accept this data protection you are kindly requested not to use our services and product lines any longer. We reserve the right to adapt these guidelines at regular intervals and to publish the amended version on our web site.

Federal Data Protection Act
All transferred data will be stored and processed in our company in compliance with the Federal Data Protection Act. The data of suppliers (name and address, phone and fax number) will be forwarded onto prospective customers when submitting a quotation. No data will be passed on to any third party unless expressly mentioned otherwise.