Ventos 20 E/L & 30 E/L standard equipment:
• Filter element made of PES fibrous web, washable
• 3.5 m suction hose
• Power-up electronics
• Appliance socket with delayed motor
• cut-in/cut-out
• Electronic suction power control
• Cut-out electrodes
• Exhaust air ventilation connection
• Accessories board
                                                                                             • Castors
With optimal usable volume:
The new cutting-edge construction principle maximises the available space for vacuuming tasks using a filter bag. The filter bag itself can take up much more space inside the container compared to filter bags of similar appliances.
With appliance socket and delayed motor cut-in/cut-out: (E / L-models only)
The appliance socket enables the direct connection of electric appliances with an extraction feature. The start-up delay causes a time-delayed cut-in of the turbine and the connected electric appliance, thus preventing current peaks during the starting process leading to a possible tripping of the fuse.The delayed motor cut-out allows the residual dust to be sucked out of the suction hose due to the after-run of the turbine. So the hose is always clean when it is rolled up.

With suction power control: (E / L-models only)
The suction power control guarantees that the suction capacity is only as high as required thus making it impossible that connected suction nozzles or grinding tools “stick” to smooth surfaces due to an increased suction capacity.

With electronic level control:
When sucking in liquids 2 electrodes switch off the turbine automatically as soon as the maximum liquid level is reached.

With filter elements made of PES fibrous web:
The filter elements are dirt-repelling, washable and extremely durable. They can be replaced smoothly without having to use any tools.

Extremely movable and stable:
Due to the compact and rounded design the new Ventos generation can be easily and conveniently carried and moved even on staircases and scaffoldings. The compact structure with its low centre of gravity guarantees a firm foothold even on rough surfaces and during transport in vehicles.

With accessories board:
The back of the casing is fitted with a useful storage board for serial accessories. Thus the accessories can always be carried along, are ready to hand and can be easily exchanged if necessary.